360 Conference Camera - Examples of Video Conferencing applications

October 17, 2023

What is a 360 Video Conference Camera?

The 360-degree video conferencing camera adopts the latest video image technology, can support 720P high-definition 1080p video recording and supports H.264 compression encoding format transmission. Support high-definition video conferencing, network multi-person voice discussion and remote live broadcast and other functions. Support 360-degree shooting without dead angle, allowing multiple participants to see the screen scene simultaneously. It can be directly connected to a large meeting room or a multi-person meeting room through the network. A real-time two-way voice communication function can realise two-way communication with the video conferencing system so that the camera can send or receive information in real time. It can recognise the connection with the remote terminal equipment and realise the browsing and sending of files such as video, audio and pictures. The 360-degree camera has the function of a high-definition camera and infrared light illumination. The image and background details can be seen through infrared light illumination and can accurately identify the feature areas of human faces and body parts.

The 360-degree camera adopts intelligent algorithm technology and has self-developed innovative algorithm technology and advanced digital processing technology. Smart algorithm technology to identify human body features and facial features by calculating inside the camera, distinguishing and comparing them. Then transmitting, the data to the cloud server; advanced digital processing technology uses advanced technology to process and analyse signals to realise intelligence. The function of judging and identifying the characteristics of the human body; network bandwidth transmission, is to connect the signal to the Internet and then calculate it through the cloud server. Then transmit it to the camera through the transmission line; the intelligent algorithm technology is to realise the real-time shooting of the camera and send it to the cloud server.

Types of 360 Conference Cameras

1. Standalone 360 Conference Cameras

Standalone 360 conference cameras require a separate device for recording or live-streaming video conferences. It can take the form of an app on a smartphone or a dedicated hardware device.

2. Handheld 360 Cameras

With 360-degree cameras, an entire scene is captured in one shot. A wide-angle camera usually has multiple lenses arranged in a circular pattern, enabling it to capture every angle simultaneously, giving the photographer a clear view of the scene.

3. Cameras for VR

By capturing 360-degree video and images, VR cameras offer an immersive viewing experience. The video moves with your head, pointer, left, or right as you move. Virtual reality cameras and computers or smartphones are required to view and make this type of video.

What is The Best 360 Video Conference Camera?

The video quality of video conference calls still needs to be improved, although we have all become accustomed to having them. Participants can only be seen when the video quality is high. Occasionally, the meeting room and participants are only partially visible; only part or some of them are shown identifying speakers when they're talking challenging ng because they need to be correctly framed. If you select the right video conferencing camera for your meeting space and set it up, you can overcome all of these issues.

1. Resolution

There are even 8K cameras available today that create videos that are so sharp that even the best eyesight can't tell what's going on. However, cameras like 4K and 1080p are also absolute overkill.

You'll have a sharp image and can also transmit data over the Internet more easily with either of these resolutions. Although 360p and 480p cameras are available, you will need more than 360p and 480p cameras - especially if you want to show off something in the background during a presentation.

2. Compatibility

Due to the various video platforms we use today, checking your camera compatibility is essential. Is it compatible with the most popular meeting platforms, such as Teams, Zoom or Google Meet?

3. Auto Framing

Auto framing ensures that everyone is in view and avoids showing any empty spots around the meeting table due to the camera automatically adjusting it based on the number of participants and their location.

4. Voice Tracking Technology

It is a technique for tracking the voice or speaker of the current speaker until they stop talking. In addition, the auto-framing technology will automatically centre on the speaker's face and position within the frame based on their face and position.

5. Price

You will get better results with more expensive equipment, but do you need so much? It's possible to outfit your conference room with cameras, microphones, and displays of the highest quality. However, it is always best to consider the cost-effectiveness of purchasing a product. If you only use it for work, you should find the most cost-effective product and spend the rest on yourself.


360-degree video conferencing cameras have several high-tech features. You can use the 360-degree video conferencing camera for live conference broadcasts and enterprise security monitoring, medical monitoring and other fields. If you want your huddle room to be productive, you'll have to research the best video conferencing equipment possible. Consider the facts above. It will help you productively when you select your own video conferencing equipment.